​​8 to Your IdealWeight is an 8 Week "Sugar Awareness" and personal empowerment program that changed my relationship with food. I released over 20 pounds and have kept the weight off for over 2 years and now coach others to do the same!

During the 8 weeks you will receive: 

  • 8 recorded calls with MK Mueller, author of the program
  • 8 Weekly calls with Mary Beth to check in with your small group
  • Daily check-ins with your small group on a private Facebook page
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • An IdealWeight Personal Journal
  • An IdealWeight “Best-Me Buddy” to encourage and support you

MK Mueller has masterfully married each of her High-ways from her award winning "8 to Great" book!

The 8 Life-transforming High-Ways

  1. ​Get the Picture
  2. Risk
  3. Full Responsibility
  4. Feel all your Feelings
  5. Honest Communication
  6. Forgiveness of the Past
  7. Gratitude for the Present
  8. Hope for the Future

What kind of success can I expect?
Since 2016, I have partnered with 54 women to an astounding 836 pounds released!

The majority of my participants see a 10-15 lb weight release during the 8 week program.                                          But honestly, much of the real success is experienced OFF the scale!

Weight "Release?"
In the past when you have "lost" weight ... chances are you may have "found" it again!

This program empowers us to speak powerfully and kindly to ourselves.

We don't want to lose weight, we want to release it for GOOD!
We learn how to reframe each of our thoughts to be positive and life affirming.
Are you ready to "release" your extra weight for good?

Buh-bye extra weight! 

How do I sign up?
This program isn't for everyone. 
8 to Your IdealWeight requires 8 weeks of engagement. 
If you want to learn more about the program, please fill out this form and I will contact you.